In a year of using Mosaic, a company of 100 people will save 4,000 hours and make an extra $1,230,000.

Calculate Your Return
on Investment

Efficiently managing work is the key to maximizing efficiency and profitability.

From 10 to 10,000

For small businesses that can’t affort expensive ERPs or the staff to manage them, Mosaic is leveling the playing field and expanding growth potential with a tool easy enough for anyone to use. Large companies can easily share resouces across offices to unlock tremendous efficiencies and tap your intellectual firepower.

From 10 to 10,000

Automate the busy work

  • Time spent informing the team what to work on next.
  • Time lost due to poor time tracking and late timesheets
  • Double entry and exporting to spreadsheets

Automate the busy work

Cut time cost

  • How much time is spent vs. estimates?
  • How long do projects actually take?
  • Which projects make/lose money?

Time is Money

Mosaic takes over 80% less time than planning on spreadsheets and erps.

Hours Spent Scheduling


Total hours each manager spends building the schedule + time spent managing who is working on what.

Avg. Manager Bill Rate


Enter the average rate your managers bill clients.

# of Managers

Enter the total number of managers that plan project schedules and manage who is working on what.

Mosaic takes 80% less time to plan and manage who is doing what.


Per Year In Time Cost Savings

Finally, software with an ROI.