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CRAFT Engineering Studio streamlines work, improves efficiency, and enhances communication with Mosaic.

Hayley Brunetto
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New York, NY
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Improves visibility into team resources and projects, thereby streamlining work and improving communication
Significantly reduces time spent on invoicing and billing
Simplifies assigning tasks and managing a distributed team
"Mosaic truly helps you see what’s going on inside your company."


CRAFT Engineering Studio (CRAFT) is a visionary and creative structural engineering firm that specializes in high-end residential and art works. Their customers are primarily architects, fabricators, and artists. Founded by Nathaniel Stanton—an architect and engineer—the company has 12 employees who are too "out of the box" for more traditional engineering firms. Since 2020, their incredibly creative team has been successfully operating remotely from across the globe.

Haley Brunetto has been CRAFT’s office manager since 2019. Utilizing her background in both art and accounting, she handles everything administrative, from human resources and scheduling to social media photography and billing.

The Challenge

Before Mosaic, CRAFT was using Quickbooks timesheets—a "tedious and cumbersome" endeavor—to track the team’s billable hours. Unfortunately, all the useful information about each project mostly lived in people’s heads. When Brunnetto joined the team, however, it became clear that it was time to put more structure in place to ensure that someone—even someone without an architecture or engineering background like her—could step in and understand what was going on with the team and their work. As it stood, there was no way for "me to look up schedules," she said. "There was no way for me to see what was going on in a project. I had to talk to a million different people." 

And all of that was confounded by the fact that, as a result of the pandemic, the entire CRAFT team was suddenly working remotely, across different countries and time zones: "Everybody was forced to be at home, and we needed to figure out a way to communicate better," she said. 

The Solution

So, when Mosaic launched its integration with Quickbooks, CRAFT adopted the resource management software. According to Brunetto, Stanton was relieved to be working with a team with an engineering background—he knew he was working with people who understood what an engineering firm needed and would be open to implementing their suggestions. CRAFT received an initial training session on the system and has since leveraged Mosaic’s customer success team to stay current on new features and capabilities. According to Brunetto, it took some time to get staff used to operating in a more structured way, but thanks to ongoing Mosaic support, "now everybody's on board."

"Mosaic puts everything in one place. It’s easier to assign people work and manage projects in general."

The Results

According to Brunetto, "the most handy" Mosaic feature is its reports. Being able to look at her team’s time "in various views has been really, really helpful," she said. For the rest of her team, they enjoy being able to assign tasks and locate all the information for a project, including its schedule and budget, in one place. To find this information before Mosaic, "you’d have to have a few conversations, look at the contract—there'd be all these different places that people would need to go to figure out what’s going on, and now, it’s all in one place," she said. That makes chain planning much easier. 

"Mosaic is a good fit," Brunetto said. "It used to take weeks to handle the invoicing—getting people to fill out their timesheets, getting people to use a language I can understand...and now I can knock it out in a few days." In fact, Mosaic has "shaved off quite a bit of hours" for Brunetto. In addition to Mosaic making her "billing process so much more efficient," Brunetto loves that the company is open to feedback and constantly innovating. "You know, engineers have a million ideas to tweak and improve things—oh, we should make this talk to this and wouldn’t it be great if it did this? So, I think that is a really good fit with everybody knowing that if they have an idea, it could possibly be implemented. They could see it a few months from now."

Ultimately, Mosaic has helped Brunetto and the team at CRAFT keep track of what needs to be done and who  has the availability to do it: "It’s easier to assign people to do things and easier to manage projects in general." So, what advice does Brunetto have for other companies operating without visibility into their team’s resources? Put in the data entry work to get started with Mosaic—"the payoff is worth it," because thanks to Mosaic, "we’ve been able to put some boundaries and structure around chaotic information," she said. “It truly helps you see what’s going on inside your company."

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