AI-Powered Resource Management

A visual way to see who is doing what, when—so you can adapt to changes and ensure everyone always knows what's next.

Total Visibility

First of its kind - a Workforce Management Platform that gives total visibility into your workforce to see what's happening inside the business.

The way you are working is no longer working.

The way you are working is no longer working.

Digital transformation has drastically improved almost every aspect of how businesses operate. Yet somehow Resource Management has remained unchanged for decades. Spreadsheets and ERPs lack visibility and leadership is left to run the business in the dark.

It’s time to retire your spreadsheets...

It’s time to retire your spreadsheets...

You can do almost anything in Excel - which is the problem. It becomes too complicated for people to understand and updating it becomes painful. Because spreadsheets are not integrated with other software, double data entry is required, and errors inevitably creep in.

Introducing Mosaic

The easiest way to manage who is working on what.

Easily Plan Work

Mosaic brings visibility into what your team is working on, and when. A flexible planning tool that adapts to the daily changes of real life.


Control Workload

Mosaic makes sure everyone always has something to do, without overscheduling. Mosaic’s AI even tells you when to hire - before it hurts.

Happy Customers

Loved by everyone, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Don't just take our word for it.

Join the happy, productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.

We would fall apart if you took Mosaic away from us.

Richard Unterthiner

Richard Unterthiner

Design Director

We’ve been looking for a tool like this ever since we started the firm 10 years ago.

Mike Rich

Mike Rich


I'm trying not to cry. That's how nice this software is.

Dan Grant

Dan Grant


Dramatically improve productivity and profitability,

+ 5%

Increase Billable Time

+ 10%

Boost in Revenue Growth

+ 40%

Improvement in Profitability


The information you need to make strategic decisions, quickly.

See how Mosaic is improving your team's performance over time.


Unify your data with Mosaic

Mosaic easily connects with existing financial and other software, automatically pulling in the data you need to manage people and your projects. Importing staff, clients, projects, fees and more to get started in minutes.

Automatic Work Plans

Schedule projects and build out your budget and let Mosaic Plan the project for you.

Automatic Time Tracking

A suite of time tracking tools that will make you forget why you ever hated timesheets so much.

Automatic Rescheduling

Just enter your work plan once, and what wasn’t completed gets automatically rescheduled.

Better team communication, faster project completion, greater business visibility, and increased profitability. Guaranteed.

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